Taser – Why a stun gun will not do

Cody 4

If you are like me, and have watched Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, you are sitting there in your chair thinking of TASER FACE, and then laughing hysterically. I will try to stay on topic, but it is so hard not to think of it! When looking for a […]

How To Improve Situational Awareness

Cody 6

Being able to protect your family and your home comes with more responsibility than just relying on technology and weapons to protect yourself. In the last article, I mentioned at the conclusion that YOU are the best home defense weapon available. This is because protecting what you love requires Situational […]

Best Home Defense Weapon

Cody 12

When all else fails, you need to be able to protect yourself in the event a threat has crossed your path. Maybe you have implemented everything we have talked about, a home security system, stronger locks, blinded all your windows, and brought home a pack of wolves. By this point, […]

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