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Why Safety

We believe the safety of your family, and your home, is worth protecting. Nothing is more valuable in life than the people you call family, and the place you get to call home.

Our Approach

We have simplified home security for you by reviewing and recommending home security monitoring companies. We discuss safety topics, self defense tactics, wireless security cameras, self defense devices, how to improve situational awareness, tasers, workplace safety, and more.

Our Mission

To equip households with knowledge of technology, self-awareness, and defensive measures to adequately and successfully protect themselves from intruders, attackers, and the forces of nature.

About How To Keep Your Home Safe

A life worth living is a life worth protecting. Safety is not just a topic, it is a lifestyle. How To Keep Your Home Safe discusses the reasons why we need to be vigilant in our protection and how you can employ technology and tactics to make sure your home, your family, make it through the hardships in life.

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Best Home Defense Weapon

When all else fails, you need to be able to protect yourself with the best home defense weapon in the event a threat has crossed your path. Maybe you have implemented everything we have talked about, a home security system, stronger locks, blinded all your windows,...

Cheap Home Security Systems

There is also the option of installing cheap home security systems for the protection of your home. Perhaps a security monitoring company seems a little excessive, or you feel like you need full control of your system, or you simply don’t want anyone watching over...

Best Guard Dogs for Families

Who does not love a dog? They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and character. Dogs have brought me joy my entire life, and the hardest part of having a dog, is losing them. The best guard dogs for families are always the ones that you call family, will...

How To Improve Situational Awareness

Let us look in to how to improve situational awareness. Being able to protect your family and your home comes with more responsibility than just relying on technology and weapons to protect yourself. In the Best Home Defense Weapon article, I mentioned at the...

Home Security Systems

As you are looking around trying to find home security systems that fit your bill, we need to keep in mind all the different options available to you. Your decision will be driven on how involved you want to be with the security system. Fully autonomous, or full...

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