Who does not love a dog? They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and character. Dogs have brought me joy my entire life, and the hardest part of having a dog, is losing them. The best guard dogs for families are always the ones that you call family, will always be your best friend.

Maybe this is the first time you have considered getting a dog in general, or you want a dog that will guard your home and family. Whatever your reasons are, there is not a right or wrong answer! That’s the best part. Dogs are just awesome. The best guard dogs for families both need to be loved and trained correctly, as a dog does take patience and care in training, but some breeds are more naturally ept to be protective.

Best Guard Dogs for Families – Advanced Warning

The biggest advantage a dog brings for security, is the loud bark associated with them. Not only does this bark intimidate the intruder, but it captures your attention to the potential threat. You now have the ability to call the police (if your motion sensor cameras haven’t already identified the intruder), and gather your family to a safe location in the house where you can protect them. The best guard dogs for families always look out for you. Take care of your furry family member by giving themĀ the best care.

There are countless dog breeds that serve as both companion and guardian, it really boils down to the character of the dog and how much it loves its family. This list goes over the breeds that fit the bill, especially for families with kids. Some dogs, such as Dobermanns or Dalmatians, make great guardians and a loyal companion if you are single or have no kids. Highly aggressive dogs tend to not have the patience required with toddlers, and require special attention whenever friends or family come to visit. Too aggressive of a dog can be a problem.

On the opposite spectrum, a sweetheart of a dog, like a Brittany Spaniel will just hold the flashlight for the burglar, which obviously defeats the purpose of a guard dog (I had a few Brittanys in my life and I love them to death).

Chihuahuas/Miniature Pinscher

Chihuahuas make a lot of racket to guard the homeYou might need 20 of these little guys to make up for their small size to be remotely intimidating. Despite their small size, they tend to bark at almost anything, which is exactly what you want in the middle of the night if somebody is trying to break in, to give you advanced notice so you can dial the police and pick your weapon for defense. Their bark can get to the point that it feels like the boy who cried wolf, so take it with a grain of salt.

Personally not my first choice in home defense, as the dog would have little impact in slowing down an intruder, but they are aggressive! Their yappy bark makes these little guys a great alarm system. Not to mention they have very tiny sharp teeth. Watch out ankles!


Malinois is a very energetic breed for guarding homesThese dogs are a police mans best friend in the line of duty. They look similar to a German Shepard, but they are easily trainable and quick on their feet. Malinois are very protective of their territory, and will protect their family if they sense they are in harms way. They like to play and have very high levels of energy, so they require a lot of exercise. Out of this list, the Malinois is the smartest, which makes it easier to train them.

Their high energy and smart nature gives them an advantage for outstanding perimeter security.


rottweilers are faithful and gentle guard dogsRottys, just like Pitbulls, have received a bad reputation from dog fighters that have made them super aggressive. A Rottweiler, once it gets to know you, is the most slobbery best friend you could have at your side. They are built like tanks, and have very intimidating barks that will stop anybody in their tracks. They don’t need much exercise, and they have great temperaments with kids.

Because of their bad reputation, a home intruder might think twice about getting close. You can sleep well at night knowing this as your Rottweiler cuddles with your kids.

German Shepherd

German Shepards are the most protective guard dog for familiesThe most handsome of the breeds (opinionated), the German Shepherd has proven itself in the line of duty, and depending on if you have a male or female, will defend different parts of the home. Males tend to monitor the perimeter of your home, making sure that their territory is secure. Females guard closer to the family, like a momma watching her babies, and will confront any immediate threat to them.

German Shepherds are beyond loyal, which makes them the ideal guardian of your home. The name Shepherd alone precedes their reputation.

Guard Dog Love Goes a Long Way

We can talk about the pros and cons of every dog breed out there, but it all boils down to the love and attention you give the dog. If you don’t have access to good training, these dog breeds are the more natural choices for home protection. Even a Brittany Spaniel will bark in the night if there is something new. Our current guard dog, an Anatolian Shepherd weighing in at 85lbs that we rescued, is more of a perimeter dog, as she constantly is watching out the windows for something to bark at, and she seems to rather enjoy walking the fence line. She has made permanent paths around the fence line from running back and forth barking her head off at every thing that walks by. She has intimidating hackles on her back when she feels threatened, which scares even me, but is quite the love bug the rest of the time.

Do your research, talk with Veterinary doctors, and speak with trainers before deciding on a dog. People that have firsthand experience with guard dogs will be reliable with their information. You neighbor who has never trained a dog will have biased opinions. And most importantly, go to your local shelter and find a dog that needs a home. You do not always have to start from a puppy to have a loyal friend.

What is your favorite dog breed? Has your dog saved you or your family from danger? Please share your story below!