There is also the option of installing cheap home security systems for the protection of your home. Perhaps a security monitoring company seems a little excessive, or you feel like you need full control of your system, or you simply don’t want anyone watching over your shoulder, I get that!

While I will still suggest a monitoring company to defend and protect your home with advanced notice, there is quite the selection out there for the person who wants to save some money and install their own system. The price of technology continues to drop as this stuff becomes more readily available to the average consumer, so why not implement it?


Cheap Home Security Systems Work Great – Sometimes

Technology is a wonderful thing, but I think we have all come across a time when we wanted to kick technology to the curb and do things the old-fashioned way. Blender quit working, I will mix it by hand myself! App keeps crashing, I will add up these totals myself! Phone keeps dropping calls, want to throw the phone through a home security comes in many shapes and sizes

Cheap home security systems have infiltrated the market at an astounding rate, but they definitely don’t come without their quirks. Some of these systems are basic and rudimentary in nature. Take for example, the cheap and small window or door alarm that does not connect to WiFi. All you have to do is mount the sensor on the door jamb or window slide, place the magnet on the opposite side so that when you open the door or window, the magnet breaks the circuit and sets off an audible alarm to scare the intruder.

One of my favorite all time cheap home security systems is this door lock. This lock is unique in that it has to cantilever over itself in order to open. It serves two purposes in our house: keep the children in the home, and keep unwanted guests out. This lock acts as a barricade to keep the door securely shut in the event of a break-in. It does not allow the door to move even the slightest, so even a swift kick to the door won’t break it. The door lock is child proof with the strong spring in it as well. If you do not want your kids opening up the door for every stranger that rings the door bell, this is the lock for you. One of my greatest worries is that my kid would get to the front door to answer it before I do.

Ask Yourself…

These systems are so cheap that they make sense to install, but how loud is that alarm really? How do you know the batteries are still good in it? Will the alarm wake you up? If you aren’t home, the alarm does no good anyway. Just things to consider when you are looking in to buy cheap systems like this. If you just want to be alerted when your toddler escapes his room from time out, it may be just the right solution.

Issues you may bump in to are the stability of the programs, if they have any. The hardware may be just what you need, but the programs that operate the hardware leave little to be desired. Laggy load times, incompatible or outdated software, fuzzy or unclear images, sound isn’t loud enough, and bad customer service (I repeat bad customer service) are all symptoms of cheap systems.

Even the hardware might force you to buy spare parts if your mount breaks or the “weatherproof” seal doesn’t keep out water. One has to take in to consideration that you get what you pay for. In my experience, springing for the higher priced systems will give you a stress free and satisfying installation that works the first time, especially if it is through a service provider.

Difference Between Cheap and Affordable

Don’t misread me though, there is a huge difference between cheap systems and affordable, quality systems.

A cheap system is just that, cheap! Like, under $50 cheap. These are the “systems” you need to be wary about, and quite frankly not put much trust in.

Then there are AFFORDABLE systems that are CHEAPER than other, highly priced systems. Some systems run in the thousands of dollars, and others in the hundreds. When we look at these affordable systems, it is easy to say they are cheap!

But with the swift advances in technology, these affordable systems are starting to put the hurt on the thousand dollar packages. I want to be clear on what we say is cheap, because there are very high quality systems out there that may seem cheap compared to the competition, but actually are quite valuable.

They Still Have Premium Plans

You may think, “Hey I scored a great system! The app is free and I can monitor from my phone! Forget high priced plans!”

That’s where they get you. Like any free software or program you might sign up for, the free part is just to show you what it could do, if you upgrade to the premium plan. Do your research before diving in to a product that says it comes with free software. The free version may be limited in functionality, and is only available after you pay for a monthly recurring fee.

You might as well pay the monthly cost of a better system that does more anyway for the same price. Paying a monthly fee for a cheap system that might work when you need it is the equivalent of flushing money down the toilet. Is your families security worth that risk? Something to think hard about.

Can be Installed on Anything

A cheap system may be perfect if you want to keep the dog out of the trash, or you want to catch somebody in the act of stealing your golf clubs one time. These systems have their place for sure, but they are not something I would recommend for full time security and peace of mind in the defense of your home.

These cheaper systems and products have the flexibility to be installed anywhere or anything, especially without damaging your home. The door and window alarms usually come with double-sided sticky tape so you can remove them later without drilling holes in the wall.

And the ability to mount it anywhere makes installing on decorated or steep door jambs is definitely appealing. Mounting a temporary camera in the garage because you need to try to catch a raccoon is a great investment as well.

Mix and Match Home Security Systems

After all this, I just don’t want you to get a sense of false security for cheap systems. When looking for a security system that will defend and protect your family from unwanted circumstances, a cheap system is not the way to go. But, there are systems that are more affordable than the very expensive thousands of dollar units that will bring the same value.

The market is shifting towards a pay as you go monitoring system with low upfront installation costs and custom packages, much like an internet provider or satellite TV provider. You have the power to choose what you want from your security provider to meet your budget.

If you choose not to go through a provider, you have the ability to buy each security product alone, and mix and match what you want. Maybe you only want a couple cameras for the front and back yard, but install window and door alarms on the garage. You have the power to do so, and it can bring a lot of satisfaction knowing you are being proactive in your families safety.

Keep in mind that the monitoring services also protect your home against fire and water damages, if you choose it as an option. This not only protects you from threats outside the home, but from natural causes as well.

With so many options out there, take the time to research what is affordable to you. You may be surprised what you find!