In order to get the big picture of what is involved with keeping your home safe, we need to look at home security monitoring companies and find out how they do it! Then simply figure out what you want from there.

Not every solution presented on this site will work for everybody, but one of the best things you can do right now is to find home security monitoring companies that fit your bill. These monitoring companies are just that, they employ specific technology in your home to monitor it. Below we will look at why this is important for the safety of you and your family, and how it brings value that other options do not.

Home Security Monitoring Companies are the Best Defense

They say that the best defense wins the game. Anybody who has watched football knows this holds a lot of truth. Many games have been won by keeping the offensive team from scoring a touchdown by blocking their way down the field. Home security monitoring companies act in the same way. A team of people armed with technology defend your home from the offensive player, or intruder in this case.

These companies install a wide array of technology; from motion sensors, infrared cameras, door and window sensors, and doorbell cameras, just to name a few. These thorough and elaborate systems can be expensive, but you are paying for more than just equipment, you are receiving special attention. Anytime one of these sensors goes off in your home, the security company is immediately notified. Through this notification, the company will call the police immediately, sending officers to your home ASAP.

Along with a watchful eye, these sensors will set off a very loud, obnoxious, audible alarm to scare away the intruder, and warn your neighbors of a threat in the area. It’s like a momma bear watching over her cubs, one wrong move towards her cubs and you better be running for your life!

They Maintain the System

Another benefit of hiring a security monitoring company is the maintenance and care of the technology. You can purchase and install a security system yourself if you are a handyman and want to save a few bucks, but if the equipment ever breaks or malfunctions, then you have the hassle of replacing said equipment, which may or may not be covered by warranty.

A typical contract with a home security monitoring company takes care of this for you. If any of their systems break, they are responsible for fixing it. Some systems have self diagnostics and will let you and the company know if something is wrong. Other systems you may have to call it in, but they will send a technician to fix the problem regardless.

Some of these monitoring companies even offer insurance against theft or damage done to the home. Discounts on home insurance policies are a possible option as well. Insurance companies will only give you a discount if they believe the system you have installed is adequate enough. Fortunately most monitoring services typically fall under the category every time.

Various Options

Most home security monitoring companies also offer a variety of services, or plans, you can pick from. Depending on your budget and coverage you want for your home, the services will defend against different types of home invasion. For example, door and window sensors will help defend an intruder from entering the home. Cameras along the perimeter of the home will prevent the intruder from reaching the home if the motion sensing cameras are armed to notify you.

The most important thing to remember out of all these options, is that you have a defensive team watching your back 24/7. The ‘momma bear’ in this case can be alerted while you are at home watching a movie, asleep, or away.

Some people will tell you that there are better and cheaper ways to protect your home such as having a guard dog to safe keep your home. While this may be true sometimes, there are many examples that having a dog to safeguard your home was ineffective. Just watch a few Youtube examples to change your mind.

Peace of Mind

There is an unprecedented peace of mind when you know that somebody is watching over your home to protect it, even if it is the neighbor kids stealing your lawn ornaments.

Cameras protect you by capturing intruders in the act, and forewarning you of possible danger.

Motion sensors tell you where the threat is located.

Alarms warn your neighborhood of a close proximity threat and scare intruders away.

A monitoring company that utilizes the above technologies sends help your way when you do not even know you need it.

You are covered with extra insurance and discounts on home insurance policies.

The technologies combined with a watchful eye will trigger alarms and notify you of potential threats before they can get to you and your family.

Don’t Wait

The sad truth of this is that home invasions will not cease to exist. Every week in the news or Facebook feed we hear reports of somebody’s home being vandalized, property stolen, or broken in to. This is not just in the bigger municipal areas either, it happens everywhere.

Fortunately for us technology is accessible anywhere we are. The first monitoring security companies used call boxes and land lines to protect your home. Now with the internet and cellular towers, security companies have multiple secure ways to establish monitoring services.

You have access to first class security service that was only available to elite personnel a couple decades ago. Anybody with wifi, landline, or cellular service can employ this technology at the push of a button.

You can set it up to how you want. Versatile plans give you the flexibility you need to meet your budget.

A home security monitoring company is your first and best line of defense. The technology and tactics, each on their own, only provide a part of the value. A defensive team cannot stop the ball from reaching down field if they are not working together.

In the coming articles I will continue to speak to this. I will show you other options out there that compliment this, and provide you with some easy to implement and free tactics to safeguard your home further!