Aside from the Pulse+, Axon carries two other tasers that are worth mentioning. The one we are interested in this time, is the Taser X26, the professional law enforcement model!

The Taser X26 is a strong addition to any civilian self-protection plan though. This means it can be effective against even the most aggressive assailants. If you need to brush up on how a taser operates, read Taser – why a stun gun will not do.

The best part of a Taser is its simplicity. It will certainly build confidence in your ability to protect yourself and your family.

Product: Taser X26 P

Where to buy: Amazon, or directly through Axon

Price: $1399

My Rating: 8.5/10

Product Description: More Powerful incapacitating muscular disruption and threat reducing world of pain electroshock self defense device. Or Professional Conducted Electrical Weapon, CEW for short.

Taser X26 P – More power at your fingertips

Taser X26 is used around the world by law enforcement and military personnelThe X26 P, widely used by police officers, is only slighty different from the civilian-minded Pulse+ we have discussed. The biggest advantage of the Taser X26, is its take down power, and rightfully so. Police officers are up against violent and rather precarious situations day in and day out, and the people that they come up against could potentially be hyped up on drugs, or be substantially more dangerous in general.

While the Pulse+ has more than enough power to incapacitate 90% of people, the X26 P uses extra caution. If you like the idea of having more power to take down a threat, then you need not to look any further than the X26 P.

The only downside to the X26 P, and I say this now because it is important to YOU as the end user, the X26 P does NOT HAVE THE NOONLIGHT APP that calls the police for you after you have triggered the weapon!

Makes sense though, right? The police do not need the police called for them after taking down an attacker… Take that in to consideration when choosing between Tasers. I personally like the Noonlight app as it offers multiple features aside from the Taser Pulse+. The added safety of police being notified right away is crucial when seconds count. Aside from the Noonlight capability, the X26 P does all the same things, just slightly different:

  • Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) ‐ temporarily overrides an attacker’s central nervous system, limiting muscular control for 5 seconds
  • 15-foot safety range ‐ gives you further distance from the intruder
  • Laser and Flashlight‐ paired together, targets are hard to miss
  • Contact stun‐ added insurance in those close encounters
  • Long-Life Replaceable Battery‐ providing approximately 500 5-second firings. Compare this to the 30 second firings of the Pulse. Police do not need the full 30 seconds to run away!
  • Legal to Own, Legal to Carryno license needed in most states

Microcoulombs are not to be messed with

When I talk about higher power ratings between tasers, it isn’t all about voltage and amps. The amount of muscular disrupting power that an electroshock device delivers is measured in a unit called microcoulombs. This is essentially the amount of energy per shock that the device delivers. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shocks that occur during utilization of the device. This is where the muscle spasms come from!

Axon has made changes to these ratings over the years, but has settled down on a microcoulomb rating they feel gives the best balance. Stopping the attacker without delivering substantial harm.

Some prefer more microcoulombs. Some prefer less. It truly ends up being your decision on what you feel is necessary.

True Meaning of Power

Why are tasers even being recommended in the first place? Simply put, it is all about the preservation of life.

Police officers are under strict watch and held to extremely high standards in this area. Tasers give officers the ability to interrogate the perpetrator later after they are apprehended. Most criminals are not the sociopaths we see on TV either. Through recovery programs and proper rehabilitation some of these criminals can become a prosperous part of society again.

Then again, there are plenty of criminals who mean to harm not only law enforcement, but your family too.

When you do not understand the true intentions of a threat, it makes it difficult to make the split second decision on what to do to protect oneself. Tasers offer the perfect balance of stopping the threat and keeping your peace of mind.

I certainly would never put the criminals life before my family when it comes down to it though. This is why I believe in more powerful weapons than just a taser to stop a threat.

To stay on topic though, think about the benefits a Taser has over other weapons:

  • Legal to carry anywhere
  • Lightweight and easy to pack
  • Simple to use
  • No stray bullets to worry about
  • No loud boom to destroy your hearing
  • Don’t need to be strong to use it

When you can restrain yourself from acting out of fear and potentially making a vital mistake, but are still able to take down any threat that crosses your path… that, my friend, becomes the true meaning of power.

Why you need the X26 P

Tasers have enough electroshock power to take down even the most tough of peopleLet’s face it, nothing puts a smile on your face like watching your buddy get zapped with thousands of volts. And nothing will make you feel safer than doing the same thing to a burglar or attacker.

The multi-shot capability of the Taser X26 P means you can keep pulling the trigger every 5 seconds and keep them at bay until the police arrive.

Look at this guy in the photo! A well trained mentally and physically able soldier still needs to be held up by his friends when hit with a taser to keep him from hurting his face on the floor. A good friend of mine went through this exact training working for an air force base, and he told me the only words he could mutter out while being zapped was “fgjgkagerhjhgvjucggrt”…

The higher voltage rating means your taser will be more effective against thick clothing and bigger threats. The more powerful taser creates a larger arc that can reach through thick clothing easier. So if your burglar is well insulated while trying to break in during the winter, you can warm them up even further with a few zaps of electricity.

Why you do NOT need the X26 P

It is hard for me to sit here and recommend the X26 P for average civilian use. Let’s face it, this model does not come with the Noonlight app integration. If you do not want to spend the $10/month for the app, then the X26 P is a great option (the Pulse+ works regardless if you have the app or not), but that $10 gives you peace of mind knowing cops are on the way to assist you.

In the heat of the moment, you never know how somebody is going to react after an encounter with a threat. If you freeze or are too shaken up to even dial the phone, it is difficult to ask for help!

The X26 P is also a lot more expensive, and Axon does not directly give you the monthly payment flexibility like they do for the Pulse+. For the price of this taser, you can purchase multiple Pulse+ tasers and place them around the home or your vehicles so you are always prepared.

The Price for Power

At $1399, this taser is truly meant for law enforcement budgets. I rated the X26 P lower at 8.5/10 for two reasons:

  1. Does not integrate with Noonlight
  2. Expensive

Maybe you do not need the Noonlight app. You might rather go for the extra power to insure your family is safer from more prepared burglars. The larger battery life of this taser means you do not need to worry about shelf life as much, and guarantees you can keep the threat immobile for longer.


I did not go over the basic operation of tasers in these reviews. Axon has put together some awesome videos and tutorials you can watch that cover the basics of using a taser on their website.

Regardless of the Taser you decide to purchase, it is important that you train with it and get comfortable with its use. The last thing you want to be doing is fumbling around trying to find the safety switch when confronted with a threat.

Final Thoughts on this Taser

The Taser X26 P packs a whole lot of punch, covering a wider array of threats that may come your way. Some burglars wear thicker clothing on purpose to help protect themselves from broken glass or dogs that might try to bite them.

The Pulse+ carries enough energy to incapacitate most of these threats. You can never be too sure with the X26 P though.

With proper training, the Taser X26 becomes much more manageable that any other weapon, and will certainly build confidence in your ability to protect yourself and your family.

What model are you thinking of going with? Do you already have a X26 P? How has it helped protect you and your family?