As we had covered in the last article about Tasers, there is only one company we can purchase these less-than-lethal weapons from, and they are now known as Axon, although they still have a website that carries the Taser name. There are many positive Taser Pulse reviews, but this is the one you need to read.

For home and self defense, there are few effective choices when it comes to weapons in the non-lethal category, which is what makes the Taser Pulse such a unique and top choice in protecting your home.

Product: Taser Pulse+

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $39 for 12 months, $449 total

Price of App: Free 1 month Trial, then $10 per month

My Rating: 10/10

Product Description: Incapacitating muscular disruption and threat reducing world of pain electroshock self defense device. Or CEW, a Conducted Electrical Weapon for short.

Taser Pulse – The Civilian Go To

Out of the three models that the company carries, the Taser Pulse + is the least expensive and most widely bought by people like you and I. Do not let its small size fool you, it still packs a wallop for a small unit.

Taser kept the Pulse + small so a person can easily carry it along with them. Compared to its bigger brothers, you can be thankful for this.

The TASER Pulse + brings on a whole new level to the self defense game though, and this is one of the main reasons this weapon is so viable for self defense. They are not just called smart weapons because they have microchips in them that control the strength and duration of the electroshock. Nope, they are smart because after you pull the trigger and drop that threat like a sack of potatoes, it will CALL THE POLICE for you!

Check it out!

TASER Pulse and the Noonlight mobile app

This is a must have application, but not necessary to use. Bad things happen quickly during a break-in, or even a confrontation. The Taser Pulse + has a 30 second muscular override (does not require holding the trigger) to help you keep the intruder on the floor, but will you really have the time to put the taser down and go call for help? If you have somebody with you sure, but in the event you are home alone, dropping the taser is not a great option. (More on that later)

That is why Taser built their products to pair with the Noonlight app on your smartphone. Their website states it best:

“Noonlight dispatches law enforcement to the user’s location immediately if the trigger is pulled, using real-time GPS tracking provided through the Noonlight mobile application.”

Is that not the best thing since sliced bread? Imagine if they incorporated that same technology in other self defense weapons! Even with this great app, it does require some ground rules to work properly.

Ground Rules

Your phone has to be within 90 feet of the taser, plus or minus depending on how many walls are in the home, interference, etc. The Pulse uses your standard Bluetooth connection to talk to your phone. 90 feet is a long distance though, and unless you live in a mansion, your phone will most likely be within range if you have to go confront that noise in the middle of the night.

The best thing to do after your purchase of the taser, is to test the signal strength around the home. When the taser is paired to the app, place the taser on your nightstand, or wherever your phone stays at night, then walk around your house with the app open on our phone. Whenever the app loses connection to the taser, then you know where your limitations are.

Or wear pajamas with pockets and take your phone with you when going to confront the intruder. That way you can verify the app called the police, and speak with them when they call you. You do not want to leave the intruder to get your phone, you want to keep them subdued by loading in more cartridges and keeping them squirming.

The only time you should drop your taser and run, is in an open environment outside the home. After you have stopped the threat, Axon recommends dropping your taser and running to a safe place. The police will follow your GPS signal from your phone to protect you. Then after they secure your safety, they will go back to arrest the threat if they are still there. Axon actually has a replacement guarantee explained more below.

At this point, if you feel it is absolutely critical to have connection in the place of your home you lost connection, consider placing your phone closer to this area. Studies show you should not sleep with your phone next to your bed anyway to get a good nights rest, so placing the phone closer to the center of your home may be a win-win situation!

Noonlight App Features

Noonlight is not just for the Pulse, but for all smart technology you have enabled around the home. It connects all your devices, alarms, and apps you have and calls the police for you in the event that any one of those is triggered.

False alarm? No problem, because Noonlight texts and calls you to verify the threat at the same time they dispatch police. It is actual dispatchers too, not computer AI. Just respond to them with your 4 digit pin to cancel the alarm and all is well!

Noonlight pairs with Google Home, Nest, Amazon Alexa, smart smoke detectors, Fitbit, and many many more apps and devices. It is one of the best and most affordable proactive methods to protect yourself and your family.

And you do not even need smart devices to hook up to. It senses when you have been in a car accident from the g-force sensor in your phone, and immediately send paramedics. Pretty cool!

Other Features

  • Optimized self-defense range – 15-foot shooting distance, ideal for most defensive situations
  • Powerful protection ensures a Safe Escape – 30-second muscular override gives you time to get away, and Axon will replace your TASER device free of charge. Read more on the Safe Escape Product Replacement Guarantee
  • Fast on target– Built-in LASER helps you aim quickly
  • Effective up close – Contact stun capabilities help at close range or in the event of a missed

They replace the Taser at cost to you when you use it! Who does that?! Taser recommends that after you drop an attacker, you drop the taser and make a run for it to a safe place. Police are dispatched to your location using your phone GPS. If you are already home though, I would keep the attacker subdued by firing the taser every 30 seconds until police arrive.

Taser will then give you a new replacement. That is customer service I can get behind!

Be proactive in your self defense, check your taser batteries on a monthly basis using the battery indicator. The CR123 batteries are common to find, but the taser does tend to drain the batteries if it is constantly paired with the app. The app is monitoring the taser so it knows when to call for help, and this requires power.

The contact stun capability is a great backup plan when the electrodes do not land on target. You will have to get close to the threat, but it still operates the same way, and will still call the police when triggered. Just pick the easiest spot to reach, preferably the neck, bury the weapon in them and pull the trigger.

Pulse + Best Value

The Taser Pulse is also reloadable. For about $50 you can get two cartridges to reload in to the Pulse. If for whatever reason you need to hit the intruder again because one of the electrodes fell off, you can quickly reload a new cartridge and deploy body convulsing havoc on them again.

The Taser Pulse+ is the best value for the money at half the cost of its bigger brothers. You have the app to assist you which is loaded with tons of great features all by itself, and the Pulse+ can go with you anywhere.

It comes in 4 different colors to match your style: black, blue, yellow, and clear.

What is even better, is Axon allows you to pay for the Pulse in monthly payments. After all is said and done, you only have to pay $40 a month for 12 months. It does not get much better than that folks.

Unprecedented power at an affordable price. Be proactive today in the security of you and your family.