Best Home Defense Weapon

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When all else fails, you need to be able to protect yourself in the event a threat has crossed your path. Maybe you have implemented everything we have talked about, a home security system, stronger locks, blinded all your windows, and brought home a pack of wolves. By this point, […]

Home Defense and Dogs

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Who does not love a dog? They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and character. Dogs have brought me joy my entire life, and the hardest part of having a dog, is losing them. Maybe this is the first time you have considered getting a dog in general, […]

Top 10 Home Security Tips

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In the last couple of articles, we looked at what makes up expensive and cheap home security systems, and what you can expect from them in general. While there are many options to choose from, a homeowner can do quite a few things to strengthen defense perimeters without all the […]

Cheap Home Security Systems


There is also the option of installing cheap home security systems for the protection of your home. Perhaps a security monitoring company seems a little excessive, or you feel like you need full control of your system, or you simply don’t want anyone watching over your shoulder, I get that! […]

Home Security Monitoring Companies


First things first! In order to get the big picture of what is involved with keeping your home safe, we need to look at the security market and find out how they do it! Then simply figure out what you want from there. Not every solution presented on this site […]

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Hello folks, and welcome to How To Keep Your Home Safe! Here you will find all the latest technology and tips to keep your loved ones, and your home, safe from the unknown. Your home is not only your house. Home is where your family is, and no matter where […]

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